Lectures for the Operating Room, Registered Nurses, Licensed Practicing Nurses, Surgical Technicians and Sterile Processing Department

  • How’s and Why’s of Testing, Inspecting, and Using Surgical Instruments
  • The Surgical Instrument Repair Process
  • A Proactive Approach to Proper Laparoscopic and Rigid Scope Inspection
  • Hands on Instrument Inspection Lab

Contact hours for nurses and CE credits for Sterile Processing available. Speaker fee negotiable (pay what you feel is fair).

Lecture slots are a minimum of 3-4 hours with greater than 50 attendees.

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To schedule or obtain more information, Contact Rick.

Quality Improvement

  • Proactive instrument inspection
  • Increasing patient safety
  • Back up board inspection

Damaged Instruments

  • Identifying cracks
  • Proper scissor testing
  • Effects of blood on instruments

Customer Service

  • Identify top customers
  • Marketing the department
  • Creating culture

Instrument Inspection

  • Patient impact
  • Raise quality
  • Hemostat inspection